Pennline’s Guide to Choosing Workwear – 5 ½ Factors

October 1st, 2015 by Victoria Britton

As an employer you will understand the importance of building a powerful brand.  Your brand should define the quality of your products and services, signal how your customers can expect to be treated, and demonstrate how you differentiate yourself from your competition.  Your employees are part of your brand proposition and should therefore be a mobile advert for the level of excellence that your business can offer.

For this reason you will want your staff to look consistently professional and well presented, so that any clients, partners or suppliers cannot fail to be impressed by the obvious high standards that your company maintains at all times.

A key to ensuring that your team always look their best is by providing suitable workwear that is comfortable and well made, whilst remaining stylish and smart – whether it is suit jackets and trousers or a branded sweater or polo shirt

5 ½ factors to consider when choosing the right workwear for your company and brand

1. Level of Formality

This should really be the first factor you consider.  If your brand were a person, how would they dress? Casual, with a polo shirt or is your brand more formal, and requiring a suit and tie?

Work through every possible situation in which your employees will be wearing their uniform, not forgetting the all-important issue of Health & Safety.  For example, if your employee is exposed to moving machinery, is there a risk of a tie or loose fitting sleeve getting caught?

The correct choice of workwear will not only strengthen your brand image and reputation, it should also make your employees proud to wear the uniform, which will result in a more effective and motivated team.

Pennline offer a wide range of clothing to suit all requirements and levels of formality, from suit jackets, trousers and skirts to branded sweaters, polo shirts and shorts.

2. Colour

When considering colour, it is important to think about your logo.  Ensure your uniform colours coordinate with your logo to give an overall consistency to your brand.

Secondly, consider the effect of the colour of your uniform on the brand image of your business.  Do you want to be seen as bright and trendy? Or is your brand more conservative requiring more muted tones?

The type of work to be carried out should also be a factor when considering colour.  For example, selecting a light colour which could potentially be soiled easily would not be the best option for someone working in a dirty environment.

Pennline can offer a variety of colours for different types of workwear.  A number of our ranges are available in an amazingly wide selection of tones, to suit all corporate guidelines and working situations.

3. Contents and Message

Think of your corporate uniform as a walking business advertisement or web page with its own contents and information.

You must definitely have your logo and/or company name.  But what about contact details, web address or tagline? Also, some Companies include employee’s name.  Decide on the most important pieces of content or information, and make it stand out.

Pennline offer a high quality embroidery service for most types of workwear, and also have an in-house printing service when required.

4. Comfort

It is important to select the most appropriate fabric for the clothing.  If most of your employees work in an office, corporate clothing made of cotton may be the appropriate choice because it looks professional and is comfortable to wear.  But if most of your staff are skilled manual workers, then you might choose a cotton/polyester blend because it sheds water and it is not easily wrinkled.

Other things to consider regarding fabric: Is it breathable? Is it warm enough or cool enough for your employees’ usual place of work?

5. Cut and Fit

A uniform needs to portray a professional image wherever it is worn and communicate the quality of work you will produce.

You may have selected a fabulous logo and perfect fabrics and colours, but if the uniform doesn’t fit properly, your image will suffer.

When considering the style, you need to ensure that the style will not go out of date quickly and there is a suitable range of different sizes so all staff feel happy and confident in their uniform.

Pennline’s personalised fitting service ensures that orders for uniforms, work wear and PPE clothing will fit your teams really well and offer a high level of comfort and style.


5 ½ Lead time

Having selected the ideal workwear for your organisation, with the required style, colour, branding, fabric and sizes, you will probably want to receive your order as soon as possible.  For most products Pennline aim for a 7-10 working day lead time from the order confirmation to the delivery of the final products.  Indeed, if you take a look through some our reviews, you will see how impressed our customers have been by the speed and quality of the products and services we provide.

So, if the members of your team are in need of a more professional, higher standard of workwear, or you just want to maintain a consistent look amongst your work force, speak to Pennline, the East Midlands’ leading supplier of corporate clothing.  Our experienced, friendly team are on hand to help you make the best choices for your organisation and ensure a high quality and speedy service.

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