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Over 70% of fatal injuries in the workplace are the result of being struck by a moving vehicle.  It is therefore mandatory in most ‘high risk’ industries to be issued with and to wear high visibility garments.  The most common is the Hi Vis Vest which should conform to all relevant performance standards EN471, European […]


In today’s food preparation areas, hygiene guidlines are tough and the risk of cross contamination through neglecting these requirements puts many people at risk.  With the surface wipes, cross contamination is eliminated with a single stroke, killing off all potentially lethal bacteria from passing from one product to another. Fast acting and with a high […]


Safety knives can considerably lessen the risks of injuries through cuts which are commonly triggered with a conventional knife sliding throughout the cutting action. Most injuries will be to the fingers, hands and arms. Once the knife has been purchased it’s important to recognise the signs of a dulling blade.  If you notice an increase […]


More than 25 percent of all workplace accidents involve hand and finger injuries.  That’s why it is important to take advantage of the a wide range of products available which are designed for a variety of industries, applications and hazards. It should be possible to find the right hand protection to suit your job requirements. […]


If you have ordered custom embroidery before you have probably heard the word “digitizing”. Embroidery Digitizing or is the process of converting a logo artwork into digital data that tells a computerized embroidery machine how to move during the embroidery process.  To embroider any item (such as a shirt, cap or bag) you need a […]


This is a new General Purpose Wiper Roll which comes in 3Ply (Carma) Stronger, thicker and more absorbent it is ideal for larger spillages for most surfaces. This new technology advanced wiping roll is up to 3 times better than normal 1 or 2 ply standard tissue. Liquid spills are quickley absorbed without shedding fibre or separating. […]


Keep safe on the snow and ice with the Ice Gripper.  These ice grippers fit over most shoes and boots.  There are a range of five different ones for use with a variety of foot wear including trainers, shoes, boots and safety footwear.  They are compact and lightweight making them easy to transport almost anywhere […]


Pennline, one of the fastest growing providers of promotional merchandise, is based between Derby, Nottingham and Leicester. We offer a huge range of  promotional items sourced from around the world suitable for any advertising campaign and to help you promote your business to your target audience. We offer an in-house service on a variety of […]


Pennline have been supplying sportswear in the Loughborough area for over nine years.  We supply a full range of sportswear clothing for many different types of sports including Football, Rugby, Cycling, Golf, Sailing, Trekking, Badminton, Running, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, Swimming, Fitness and Motor Sports. Based in the Loughborough area, Pennline can offer a complete service […]


Pennline have been supplying school uniforms in the Loughborough area for over nine years.  We pride ourselves on good quality school clothing priced at a competitive price. We hold stock of both embroidered and plain stock items. We stock standard sizes of all school uniforms and are able to quickly supply any other sizes if […]